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kenny webb

Product Designer
UI/UX Designer


A multidisciplinary designer in Keller, TX. I love solving complex user problems in ways that make you say "of course!". I've worked on consumer and enterprise-level products, with screen sizes ranging from the very large to those that fit on your hand. I'm equally comfortable with pen/paper, flow/story mapping, designing in Adobe XD, prototyping, or heads down in HTML/CSS. 


I have experience working with teams to brainstorm and whiteboard concepts.  I can create wireframes at varying levels of fidelity, and love prototyping ideas.  I have front-end coding experience and enjoy working closely with devs to build out ideas.  

Adobe XD


Photoshop CC

Illustrator CC


Bootstrap 4



Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

Software that I am familiar with:

***  I have worked with many different prototyping tools and frameworks.  To avoid a full laundry list above, I've kept it to just my favorites.  If your company uses a different prototyping tool that works well for your established workflow, I would be happy to learn it. 


Case Study


Additional Art Work


Case Study


Additional Art Work



"Kenny worked with our team on developing a new UI for our business intelligence platform. His designs were intuitive, thoughtful and clean. He developed them quickly and even made recommendations that made the functionality simpler. Kenny is smart, thoughtful and dedicated. He works well with all teams to deliver a product that is not only well-executed but comes in ahead of time. He is collaborative and still independent allowing for side by side development which moves projects forward.  Personally, he is delightful to work along side. His personality meshes well with all types of people and he is respectful of everyone. Kenny is an asset to any organization. If you are looking for a great UI developer who resonates inside of a positive organization, look no further..."

Kristi White / Chief Product Officer / Knowland

"I have worked with Kenny for the past four years at Rainmaker as a Product Manager. Kenny handles UX design across all of our products so we have worked together on many new features. I can always count on Kenny to ask the right questions that get to the core purpose and function behind a feature. This is critically important in the creation of clean, intuitive, easy to use software. Kenny has come up with some really good designs for us and has brought consistency across our various products. Kenny is always positive and great to work with..."

Douglas LaPointe / VP Product Management / Koridor

"Kenny has done some very innovative UX/UI work with our teams over the last several years. He was instrumental in the redesign of the GroupRev user interface, as well as the CSS work to make the site responsive. He continued that work into the delivery of a GuestRev web prototype, as well as the construction of the GuestRev web interface that followed..."

Rob Landon (my previous manager) / VP of Engineering / Cendyn

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