Main product, Summary Page
This product is used by the majority of Hotel Casinos in Vegas, as well as Omni Hotels
Responsive design for 1st tumbnail
This was the first iteration of a responsive design for the 1st thumbnail.
In house support Tool
I came on this project toward the release date, what dev had original proposed did not have an adequate flow nor had a consistent look & feel of our main supporting product...this screen shot was a week of my design as well as HTML & CSS to help meet the deadline.
GroupRev Output screen
This is output panel for the Group product, depicting total profit opportunity on the Group Details tab.
GroupRev output screen
Product wanted a Future Pace table design, this was the results based on that Collaboration.
1st Iteration of Group Forecast
Based on Product's requirements, this 1st iteration of the Group Forecast hit all the requirement points, however...
Last Group Forecast design
...Product decided that because of interest of this part of the product, the design needed its' own page and this screen was the result.
This product is used heavily by Omni Hotels, and Disney. The Group Forecast is just one segment of the entire product.
Wyndam Proposal 1 Day View
We were trying to land the $300-$500 million Wyndam contract. This screen shot is what a 1 Day view of a single property would look like.
Wyndam Proposal 7 Day View
This is another Wyndam proposal screen shot. This is a 7 Day view of the property, this also shows how the user manages their overbooking (popover).
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