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Dashboard, Source File, Process & File Delivery Pages


Thru is the leading provider of cloud-native file transfer solutions.  Since 2002, Thru has offered market-first technologies designed to tackle the most demanding and complex file transfer challenges. 


As the sole UI/UX designer, I was responsible for producing all major artifacts and deliverables, as well as continue laying the foundation for the design system while working hand-in-hand with the Developers and Product leaders. 


The look and feel, in addition to the user experience of version 1 were out dated, but core components that have had heavy traffic, were still needed. 

  • Refresh the UI to make the product feel more modern while maintaining the overall integrity.

  • Improve the user experience.

  • Create a scalable design.

Screen shots of Version 1, below



My first step was to gather information from the subject matter experts to help understand their vision and how I can align them to the overall business objectives.  For me, this would include interviewing the Chief Product Officer, Product Implementation, and Customer Service Teams, to fully understand customer needs, pain points and what we want to bring from v1 (version 1) to the new v2 (version 2)

With plenty of ideas that came out of collaboration, I began to ideate possible improvements to the overall activity pages.  I accomplished this through wireframes using Adobe XD.

This version would not require a modal to view more detailed information, the detailed info is built into the table and would utilize an action button to expand/contract the row.


After the ideation phase I had a solid concept for producing mockups, ultimately building a clickable prototype to present to the stakeholders.


After many conversations we had determined that the Dashboard would look better as the main landing page after the user logs in, leaving the other tabs/pages to be within the main Activity menu.  Overall, the end result generated more streamlined user-centric style, that's easier fo users to navigate through the Activity data.

Lessons learned:  Thru is a small company that still acts as a start up; some projects were under intense time constraints leaving certain aspects of the design process to be underutilized.  I would have like to have spent a little time within the ideation and prototyping phases.  But such is the nature of the beast, time is money.

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