myRoom© End User Page


myRoom© affords the hotel guest the opportunity to self-select or upgrade their room prior to arrival through the use interactive floor plans, room-specific imagery, room features and exterior room views.  myRoom© is used by external people (in addition to a few admin/internal teams).


My role was to create the UX and visual design work, producing all major artifacts and deliverables, doing so within an Agile environment using two week sprints.


Primary goals for this project were as follows;

  • Update the visual design and brand on multiple platforms (i.e., web, tablet, and mobil).

  • Improve the overall user experience.

  • Ensure any new UX solutions will scale.

  • Flexibility for future growth


I needed to gather information from the relative stakeholders to help understand their vision and how I can align them to the overall business objectives.  For me this would include research on any market competition and their approaches, research on similar features as well as design principles (my favorite is KISS).

Since Koridor is an extremely small company, I interviewed the CEO and the VP of Product Management to better understand the product flows, personas and some current UX pain points.


After iterations, we had determined that it was still complex, not only for the potential end user, but for our developers as well.  The end result was a more streamlined user-centric style, that's easier for the Hotel Guest to choose a room, see detailed info on that room and finalize their selection of said room.

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