Phase 2 Mobile Product Flow

A few mobile screens blown up from the Flow Chart Above

High Level Admin Menu
Admin menu redesign
Admin Menu
Admin menu redesign
Hotel Koridor Logo
Created a logo for testing
Admin Redesign table
one of many tables that has a lot of data that needs to be presented in a very small space
Phase 2
Phase 2 design Web (coincides with the mobile flow above)
Phase 2 web
Another phase 2 web overlay...we are gathering info from the user to help present a small selecting of rooms - as oppose the user having to search each floor for their ideal room
Multiple Add-On Design
Currently we only had a look for a single add-on for the user to choose options to add to the selected room. We needed a look for when a Client wanted the user to be able to choose between multiple add-ons. This was one of my proposed options - which ended up being the direction that we did not go.
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